What was I thinking

I haven’t had a blog post in a while, and the past few posts I’ve had have been kinda junk.

I’m not going to say I was too busy or had no ideas for utterly awesome blog posts. Mathmatically optimizing riding a hilly TT is my current project post, there’s Matlab involved so it’s pretty intense (my matlab skills have pretty much withered into nothing in the past few months). I had ideas about making a tumblr-type blog just with crappy pictures of cycling (dime a dozon), an incogneeto blog where I wrote my “true” thoughts about amateur cycling (way to much of a landmine field).

Then I started thinking why I haven’t been writing anything for a while, besides the fact that the past 3-4 days I’ve had cold from hell. I started thinking about all the things I wanted to blog about and all the reasons I shot them down. I nixed them because I thought they’d be too inappropriate, no one would like them, not technically thorough etc. I started going through my old blog posts searching for inspiration and I realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t have any good things to write about it was that I was writing for the wrong person: not me.

As selfish as it may sound, hear me out. I went back to the first few posts and realized I wasn’t trying to convince or prove anything to anyone (it may sound like it but, that was just me spouting off…trust me I know such things). Instead I was just writing to get my thoughts and experiences on some permanent medium. To document them, in you know, a Journal.

Growing up I was obsessed with everything related to space, airplanes, and Star Wars. I went to Purdue for Aerospace Engineering and currently design aircraft engines. I only started mountain biking in middle-school but really didn’t start seriously cycling until college. In those past 6 years I’ve meet every single person that I consider a close or distant friend and cycling has become a permanent part of my life. So Rockets 2 Sprockets IS my life. Not this blog per say, but the entire ideal behind this blog is me trying to bridge the massive canyon between these two passions of mine.

So that is what I will now try and return my focus to: a blog/journal…or blournal. I will put down my thoughts and experiences about cycling and airplane stuff at least once a week. The posts obviously public because I’m happy to share my thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with everyone (except the Russians or Chinese…Export Control and all) in the hopes…no I actually have no hopes of anyone reading anything. If a person reads some posts of mine and finds them helpful or insightful, great, if not, I won’t care….anymore.



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