Two Days Down of Superweek

After the Tour of Champaign this weekend, we headed back to Purdue for a rest night, then drive up to Richton Park for the first day our Superweek campaign. Richton park is technically a suburb of Chicago, but it’s about 40 miles from downtown. Anyway the course looped around a community park and was a little over a kilometer long. If you’re not familiar with the Superweek Criteriums, they are some of the only criteriums in America that are still 100km long. Doing 100 km in a parking lot, or around a park, is a really really long way. The best thing to do during Superweek criteriums is to not look at the lap card. Being used to doing hour and a half long crits, you’re body will be getting ready to be finished with the race, then you look up at the lap cards and you still have forty laps to go. Any way onto Richton Park…

A Three man break went away in the first five laps, Derek got into a group of 12 off the front. I saw the big crash of the race. Curtis Gunn from Fly V Australia was off the front in an attack when a small girl, maybe five years old, rolled out onto the course on her bike. Curtis must have had his head down or something, but he T-Boned this girls bike, sending him, his bike, and broken bits of his bike flying in the air. The race got stopped for the crash, and pretty sure they didn’t quite give Derek’s group the full gap they had. They got caught right after the restart. After the lead three lapped the field it was pretty steady. Got up to top three with five to go but got muscled out of position. Ended up finishing 13th. If you’re scared of bumping shoulders and chopping fields in a sprint, Superweek is not for you. Because everyone makes the craziest moves, but since everyone is good, people don’t crash…most of the time. 13th is also by fart the best Superweek result I’ve had, so the week started pretty good.

On Tuesday we spent the day in Downtown Chicago getting Derek’s Visa to work in Korea. We took the Metra into downtown, then headed to the NBC tower, where the Korean Consulate is. When we walked into the NBC tower the guy at the front desk yelled to us “Hey, where are guys going?”. The interior of the building was pretty much solid granite, and all gold looking. Also every single person in there had suits on, so Derek and I in our shorts and our cruddy T-shirts looked like we were going to cause a ruckus. We also had to run around Union station to find our train, jumping on a few seconds before the doors closed.
The second day of superweek didn’t go to well for Derek or me. It was an eight corner crit with a set of four corners separated by one block. So after the quick four corners there was a really long finishing straight that you had to absolutely kill it to not open up a huge gap. I got into a twenty guy field split that I really hoped would stay away which would guarantee a top twenty. I even got four red jersey sprint points which actually me into 19th overall in that competition. Anyway I didn’t have much of a top end because I spent a bit of energy in the break and couldn’t get myself in position of in the sprint. Derek was sitting fifth wheel in the last lap until his skewer popped out causing him to unclip and get out of the pace line. So Derek and I pulled up the rear of the field for 41st and 42nd.

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  1. Interesting file- nice job staying in tempo-land until the last 20 minutes. A power file would have been much more interesting though- I’d be willing to bet normalized would have been around 300. (I’m, for the most part, pulling that number out of the air) Oh, and your sprint numbers were probably through the roof.

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