Tour de Louisville

It’s been a while since my last race report, and forever since I’ve done a CX race so this is a first. As you could notice from my last blog post, I only just finished building up my CX bike a few days before this second OVCX race. The race, which took place down in Louisville, only had about 25 riders so was pretty small. It was good having a small turnout, because then less people would pass me as I gingerly crossed the barriers. I really do mean gingerly, in the first lap two guys passed me before I was even able to re-mount my bicycle. But other than the whole running around while carrying your bike, cyclocross is really just like a mountain bike short track race that is twice as long (and you’re not allowed to drink water). I’m exagerating, you are allowed to drink water, but all the cool cyclocross guys will laugh at you and say mean things behind your back.

The race was really hard, you’re pretty much red lined the entire hour of racing. I ended up eight, which I’m not terribly disappointed about. There is a UCI cyclocross race in Cinncinati this weekend that I plan on going to, though I’m not doing the UCI race, just watching.
All my creative energy is being sapped by being a staff writer for the Purdue Exponent. And by all my creative energy I mean lack there of, I’ve only written two articles in two weeks.
Anyway if you’re not familiar with cyclocross there are two distinct brands.
And American:


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