TOAD Wrap Up

Yup it’s over, the first inaugural Tour of America’s Dairlyand is officially done. Of course, our TOAD was finished at 8:30 on Wednesday night at the end of the Fond du Lac Criterium, where we took three of the top 15 places in the race with Dan nabbing a podium of 2nd behind Frank Travesio in a two man breakaway. The race was another hot day with a relatively small field. Both of these factors lead to some pretty major pack splits in the second half of the race, I ended up on the wrong side of these from a bum knee (who knew racing on injuries leads to not getting better?) and a set of really tired legs. Anyway it was a really great result for the Panthers, as most people call our team these days, and really pulled the week of racing into the good results category after a bunch of mediocre results.

Tour de Grandview and Hyde Park Blast were also this weekend which I sat out, much to my own disappointment. Instead I helped out at my brother’s graduation party getting things ready and such. It was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to take a needed break from the bike. My own plan is to recover a bit and take the next 4th of July weekend off for some good training, that and I’m trying to save up all my traveling energy so that I’m fresh for Superweek, which is a pretty big set of races out in the Milwaukee area that I’d like to preform well in. I definitely have much more fond memories now of last year’s Superweek than I did last year. Time heals all wounds, and I’m once again ready to do 100 kilometers circling parking lots in different suburbs of Milwaukee. I’m really using this to gauge my progress this year, as this is the first year I will have been racing in the same races at the same category as I did the year before. Hopefully I pull out something better than a solitary top 20 finish. We will see, in the meantime, enjoy this extremely cheesy Superweek promotional video.

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