The End of College Racing

It has been a few weeks since my last post, gushing about our team’s win at Hillsboro, in case you forgot awesome it was, here’s a sweet picture depicting our awesome-ness:Anyway, the past two weekends have been somewhat bittersweet as they have been the last two weekends of collegiate racing for the season, and for me: ever (unless I go to grad school). As much as I feel like I’m ready to move on from college racing I really will miss it. My first race kit was old gold and black, and for the past five years from February to May I’ve been driving hundreds of miles to wake up at 5 am, cheer for teammates, and race in the pissing cold rain. As fun as it sounds, and even though there’s no huge prize list or media coverage outside those who race the circuit, it’s really a lot more fun than regular USACycling racing.

The reasons are pretty simple, everyone racing is there for the same reason, to race. No one’s racing for prize money, for media coverage, to get that one elusive result that will land them on a pro team. As much as I love aggressive racing, talk to anyone after they’ve done a week of Superweek or any big Crit series and ask them how their nerves are. They’re probably not good, and they’re sure as hell not going to go make friends with the guy they’d just been leaning on for the past 3 laps at 30 mph, or the guy that cut them off to protect a lead-out train:
Regardless of who did what wrong in that whole Dana Point Race, it’s pretty evident of how high strung the last few laps of the big races are. But in collegiate racing, it’s amazing how less aggressive racing becomes when everyone’s not racing for a whole $50 and their livelihood (which is probably about $50 if your a pro-cyclist).
Anyway what I’m getting at is that college racing was the best way that I can think of to be introduced into racing, and I’m glad that I was able to do it and make friends with everyone in the college scene.
Oh yeah, and I won the last race of the season too. So that might be distorting my memories of college racing a little.
We had Purdue’s race this weekend. The Road Race and TTT were alright. But the crit was around Ross Ade Stadium, fitting for a last Purdue race.
It was extra fitting since we didn’t let our awesome sledge hammer trophy that Joey and Andy made go to any other schools where cycling is a varsity sport.

And Greg got third in our home race around the stadium, which is fitting since he lived a block away from Ross Ade for over a year, unfortunately the 2nd place guy was too cool for our sweet podium.
Anyway, long race report short, I broke away with Marian rider a few laps in, then cornered/risked my life enough to drop him and lapped the field by myself. That was definitely a first, and another first for realizing I could go 25 mph by myself without a lead-out.
Anyway, I wrote a sweet VeloNews article about the race weekend that will get published as soon as the editor guy gets back from tweeting updates on Lances every move at Tour of the Gila, so just enjoy some Pics of the racing:

So I guess this is so long to college racing, it has been fun, and messy.



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