Taking a break from the Cube-Farm

I know I know, JUST had a post extolling the greatness of commuting by bicycle to work and how it can save you SO much time in training that you can race the Pro/1 division while working a full time job.

Well I just quit my engineering job.

Alright just kidding…I didn’t really quit, but am going on a “Leave of Absence” to focus on cycling and today is my last day.

This had been brewing  for a long time. After a lot of discussion with family, friends (thanks for putting up with all my fretting), and co-workers I finally took the deep breath and had the talk. I had been going back and forth with work a few times about ways to make this work: through either part time, or remote work, but ultimately it was decided that LoA was the best route for everyone.

My co-workers/managers was actually very supportive of me taking time off (contrary to any nightmares I had before talking to them). They didn’t find it that odd that I wanted to leave my engineering desk job to try my hand at being a professional athlete. I didn’t want to have to describe how much less glamorous being a professional cyclist is than being say a pro baseball player, but hearing them say that made me feel pretty good regardless.

I’m really happy and excited about this, I’ll really be able to focus on the cycling 100%.

I’m also pretty psyched to be doing it with the Smart Stop guys too. The team camp gave me a lot of good vibes about the guys on the team and the goals they’re trying to accomplish.

So today is my last day in the cube farm for a while. Tomorrow I’m flying out to Arizona for the Tucson Bicycle Classic, then it’s off to San Dimas, followed by Redlands!!



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