Quebec Update

It’s been a few important races since I’ve updated: US Pro, Philly, and the first stage of GP Saguenay.

Pro Nationals wen’t a little worse than expected. Going into it I felt like I was just getting over some allergies or a cold or something, but felt alright at the race start. However as the race wore on and the strange tactics of the day played out I felt progressively worse. A large group got away in literally the first 2 km of the race and got a 6 minute lead in about 6 minutes. The group rode fairly easy, except for the climb, when Garmin blew all their riders setting pace for no one up the climb, then sitting up on the flats again (no idea what this tactic accomplished except disrupting any chase). I made it 3 big laps of the race, which is about the same as last year, however since I felt great last year I’ll call it progress.

Philly was an awesome race, and has the biggest spectator fanfare of nearly any race out there. I was tasked with following early stuff in hopes of a breakaway, but was a little too active and missed the actualbreak some 3 laps in. Fortunately Clay jumped across to it. I was feeling ok but a little blown on the last lap when Brecht got a flat on the final downhill of the race and I had to give him my wheel. There was no hope of chasing back on so I pedaled in pretty easy, having at least 3 beers between Lemon Hill and the Manayunk Wall.LemonHillPhilly

After that it was a flight up to Quebec City and then transfer to Saguenay for the GP Saguenay a UCI 2.2 race. We spent a few days in Quebec City….which is friggin awesome btw.

GP Saggy is a bunch of circuit road races with one crit thrown in. Yesterday was the first RR 11 laps around the town of La Baie. The race started right up the climb, which peaked out at 20%. The first time over I got into a group of 38 riders with Stephen and Matt. It was a little too big of a group and a few too many people just sitting on, and we were brought back by lap 3.

The counter attack over the climb stayed away for a few more laps, but got back with 3 laps to go. Nothing serious got away after that. The 3 of us that were left got it lined up pretty good with 3km to go but we got pinched and 1 photo 5

Today’s more ¬†of the same, 21 km laps, about 177km total on tap for today.


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