Off Season Starts Tomorrow at 6:00 am

Normally my off season starts right about when I’ve crashed my CX bike for the 100th time, or get lapped out of a UCI race in 2 laps, or decide a hangover is not something worth riding through. This year it’s going to be a little more scheduled: I’m going under the knife tomorrow to fix my bum shoulder.

I dislocated my shoulder earlier this year while MTBing, this tore some soft tissue (labrum), that is sort of like a gasket for your shoulder ball-socket joint. This is now a recurring injury: I first dislocated it at the Red River Gorge Road Race while descending (crashing) in the rain, I dislocated it again two years ago during a Tough Mudder mud run while trying to pull myself up a muddy quarter-pipe, and finally the MTB thing earlier this year.

So tomorrow morning I’m getting things all stitched back together. I’ll in a sling for a good 3-4 weeks, but things SHOULD be back to new with some PT after that.

With a recurring injury like this one I become more prone to re-injury and more serious damage with every time I dislocate it. Also, last time I popped out the shoulder VERY easily, while biking not quite in the middle of the woods. It didn’t take a big leap of imagination to envision being out on some epic MTB ride or narrow back road and having a dislocation that I can’t get back in and being really screwed. Hiking out those 500 some feet I did last time took a half hour, with me having to sit down and collect myself every few steps so I didn’t puke or pass out from the pain. Maybe I’m being a wimp, but my 10 is having my shoulder popped out; far surpassing anything I’ve done in the past (cracked ribs and bad road rash are all I can muster).

So I’m getting it fixed, that way I wont have a nagging worry while heading out on a ride or dive bombing a corner in a crit. It’ll give me some good forced time off the bike to reflect on the season, recover, and decide what to do next.


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