Mountain Biking?

Yup built up the ole mountain bike this past week and hit up the trails for the fist time since Iceman. It was pretty embarrassing let me tell you.

Luckily I have my own custom head badge to remind me why I ride.

Tour of the Gaslight was this weekend also in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is something to get used to coming back to Michigan racing, it’s pretty defensive racing. Vince and I were the only Panther representatives at the race. There was a promising move midway through after a prime, but was brought back. A counter attack of just two riders got away and stayed clear through the end of the race. I played the sprint a little wrong and ended up 6th place.

Any way it’s the end of the season, I’m in about my 8th stage of being over cooked from racing, and I leave tomorrow morning for Maui, Hawaii.
It’s definitely time for a bit of a break, besides I need to be fresh to win some cash money at Tour di Via Italia on Labor Day weekend.

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