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A good life update blog post is in order. Not because anything big has changed, but because I’m having something of a life adventure this year without responsibilities of school or a job. So I feel like it’d be fun to keep a journal type of blog during the next few months of my nomadic lifestyle for others and myself to go back to read.

First, I’ve finally completed my applications to graduate school and those are now out of my control. I’ve applied to USC (California), Purdue, U of Michigan, Huntsville Alabama, and Colorado State. It should be a good few weeks before I hear back from these programs. Not to mention the amount of paperwork required for grad school is a whole order of magnitude larger than the amount required to apply to undergraduate school. Only after submitting my application did I find out about several documents to submit that I had not even come across in the whole month I was working on the applications.

Secondly is this “job” I was checking out. This past Thursday I was in Greenville, SC interviewing for a job with an engineering company that works closely with gas turbines. I had an initial phone interview earlier this December that I thought I totally bombed, however they called me back next week and set up an on-site interview. The interview went really well, at least that’s what I was told after knocking out all the technical questions they asked me. It seemed like a great atmosphere to work in since the project they got would be concerned with all different types of computational fluid analysis involved in turbine engines. Also, all the people working there were pretty young and recent college graduates. I have to say that if they offered me a job I might have to take it. First the work the company does is actual aerospace engineering, which is a prospect I had long since resigned myself to giving up in the job search department. Second, the breadth and type of work they do would give me a great base of knowledge that I could use and apply to pretty much anything involved in aircraft or spacecraft. Not to mention in my few hours there Greenville seemed like a great city for not only living, but riding too (I’ll get to ride with George Hincapie sooooo much).

On to the really important stuff: cycling. I was, for a while, entertaining the idea of transferring to other teams to ride for next season. However in the end Panther was still the best team to ride for. All the guys on the team are great and the organizational side of the team has to be one of the best run in the world of amateur cycling teams. Part of my decision to ride for Panther involved the idea to go train in Tucson for the winter months, Panther has been enormously supportive of my plan to go south for training which I can’t be happy enough about.

This is a pretty common pipe dream for aspiring cyclists, go to Tucson ride with all the P-R-O’s and make the connections to get on a pro team for the next season. My own personal goals aren’t so team centric for next year, all I really want to do this season is to train hard and race the shit out of this season, then go to grad school or get a real job…and if going pro works out it works out.

Anyway, after some hiccups involving me rear-ending a giant SUV in my little Mazda I’m finally driving down to Arizona as I speak…or um write.

We just stopped in Roswell New Mexico and are now driving through some of the mountains in the southern region of the state. We did visit the UFO museum/research center. The museum itself was somewhat of a let down, most of the exhibits consisted of newspaper clippings about the crashed aliens and poorly taken pictures of the site. However there was one good exhibit:

The entire highlight of the stop was going to the ‘Spaceport’ gift shop where we were greeted by the cashier with a Vulcan peace sign and the phrase “Welcome Humans”…now that’s more what I’m talking about.

Other than that stop our trip thus far has been pretty uneventful, we stopped in Shamrock Texas last night and did the most boring ride of my life in the morning which consisted of us riding 10 miles up US 83 and back again, although I did take the town sign sprints for both Twitty and Shamrock since Joey was busy picking cotton up off the side of the road.
Our bathroom also had a telephone in it which is awesome!. It allowed me to make all the important cycling team related calls I need to from complete comfort and serentity

Back to the life update. We’re tentatively arriving in Tucson tonight and tomorrow looking at a house to sublease two rooms. Yes, we’re technically homeless right now. The set up would be pretty nice, it’s close to campus and their waving January’s rent since we’re moving in half way through the month.

This lack of January’s rent is particularly perfect for me since as soon as we get there I’m leaving for a week to go to South Korea (don’t worry it’s a rest week). A college friend, Derek Laan, has been living there for the past year teaching English. It’ll be a good trip, we’re planning on skiing, seeing a bunch of Korea, and the DMZ where hopefully the foreigners don’t confuse me for a movie star again: I’m much more comfortable with Phil Liggett hitting on me than Kim Jon IlExpect some good blogging from that week.

After I’m back from Korea it’s on to some hard core training. What kind of training you might ask? Well aside from my patented Super Taper (I can coach you in the dark arts of the Super Taper for the low fee of $200/month, Pizza is included!), I just plan on riding a whole ass load of base miles and racing into shape. There is no shortage of early season races going on in Tucson.

I’ve noticed a few of my contemporaries have been soliciting donations on their blogs to pursue their cycling dreams. I would do this, but I’m actually pretty set in terms of housing, travel, food, etc…..
If you would like to contribute to my “Beer and Strippers Fund”, or BSF fund for short, then you are in luck! Here is the donate button. I will only accept $1 donations since it’s easier to pay for lap dances that way. What will you get out of it you ask? I will send you a personal email describing exactly where I put your good $1 to use, and you get the wholesome knowledge that you’re putting a nice young lady through school at University of Arizona.

Oh yeah by the way, in case you were wondering the forecast for Tucson for the next three days are as follows:

Monday: 76 Sunny
Tuesday: 76 Sunny
Wednesday: 72 Partly Sunny (this will be rough)



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