Late August Racing

If you follow racing in the midwest I’m sure you heard about the chaotic weekend of racing in Indy last weekend.

If not I’ll give you the brief summary. The Mass Ave Criterium in Downtown Indy was a pretty fun race last year where we went 2/3. We were hoping to improve on that performance a little. The triangle shaped course had two pretty tight hairpins. With all the accelerations coming out of the hairpins the race was pretty consistently hard. The field was quite a bit stronger this year than last with a good number of pro riders, all the midwest teams, and a few guys from California Giant Strawberry. The race split up quickly last year, but with the faster guys things really stuck together. When laps finally started counting down the field had dwindled to about 30 guys. With 10 to go a group of 4 went off the front with Kirk, Eric Young from Bissell and two others. It was about this time the sky turned black. We heard of inclement weather coming in and talks of possibly shorting the race given sever weather conditions. The nasty/dangerous stuff was really rolling in with 8 to go. I attacked thinking I didn’t want any part of being in a field when they shorten the race. My bet turned out to be spot on, a trash can blew into the course just as I attacked splitting the field. I caught up to Weston Luzzader just as they called 1 lap to go. With barriers, dirt, caution tape, and generally everything not bolted down flying everywhere, I just kinda rode in for 6th place behind Weston.

The Fishers crit NW of Indy the next day was a pretty low key event. About 25 starters with a windy technical course everything blew apart. David Williams from Bissell and JJ from Nuvo got away and there was no chance of bringing them back. I attacked a few times but the California guys in the field didn’t feel like working. So we 10 man field sprinted. I thought I had a clear line into the last corner but a California guy dove on my inside, then once realizing he totally overcooked the corner, took me to the curb. Oh well
In other news the job continues to go well and I’m continuously impressed with the riding around here in Cincinnati, you could litteraly do a hill repeat every day for a week without riding more than 20 miles or riding the same hill twice. I’m also keeping up with the bike commuting, perhaps even more than I should. Once I got over the whole waking up a half hour earlier, I’m really starting to dread the days I force myself to take off and drive into work, It’s the two worst 20 minutes of my day.
Racing definitely is winding down, although there are still a few weekends in the works. Since Via Italia isn’t happening this year I guess I’ll be waiting till 2012 to make it two wins there, instead the 4 race serries in St. Louis “Gateway Cup” will take care of my labor day. This weekend I’m still in the air between going back home for the downtown Birmingham crit or this Red River Gorge Stage Race in Chatanooga TN (which has a ton of money). Then possibly Univest if we can get in and the Cap city Crit on Oct. 2 (super late! I’ll be in CX shape by then…which is drinking shape)


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