Kitted out like a Boss

In the process of the past few weeks we’ve received nearly all our equipment for the upcoming season from Panther pb Competitive Cyclist. So it’s time for another in depth analysis of our equipment.

Alright so the in-depth analysis will not poses the same depth as last years article, mainly because there is no major classic on the horizon. You see, since being out west I’ve turned into a regular Lance Armstrong GC rider after winning the prestigious Colossal Cave Stage Race. After a grueling 2 days of racing on Go-Kart tracks and windswept roads of Tucson, I feel transformed. Fueled by my diet of only carrots and celery, I’ve dropped my weight and body fat to about 1% and feel ready to tackle more stage races:

Anyway I’m getting off topic. Back to the not so in-depth analysis, which is not entirely true. There is one aspect of my new Canyon bike that I’ve contemplated for some time…What is this hole for? (a question I commonly ask)

Here’s the bike in it’s glorious entirety. Notice if you will that you’ve probably never seen a Canyon bike before in America unless it was under Panther rider. There is good reason for this, Canyon’s aren’t sold in America. You can’t get one, don’t even try. Just gaze at it’s awesomeness in incredible envy:

Alright you might be able to get one through Competitive Cyclist, but only if you’re really cool.
Weighing in at a blistering 15.08 lbs, which is probably 23.5 kg based on my calculations for all you Euro’s out there, this bike is nice, I mean really nice. I’m not going to lie it’s probably by far the best bike the world in it’s short 10,000 year history has ever created It’s supple on the order of feeling like you always have a rear flat tire thanks to the hair thin seat stays, and super stiff up front thanks to the ridiculously large downtube, and 1.5 – 1.25 in steerer tube. Yes the increased diameter of the steerer tube makes the front end incredibly stiff, it also makes it impossible to find a stem with a 1.25 diameter. Don’t worry the correct size stem is on it’s way direct from Germany, in the meantime I was able to fab my own stem out of a Specialized stem with some of the tastiest shims ever made.

With all these design changed made to the bike I was pretty curious why they didn’t go with the BB30 in the BB department.

My own theory is that Omega Pharma Lotto (one of the only other teams cool enough to ride Canyon’s) rides Crapangolo, who doesn’t yet make a BB30. Don’t worry they will, resistance is futile. Don’t worry any stiffness lost on this inferior BB deisng is more than made up by the bling-ing Zipp bottle cages, who’s bling-ness is shown by my own gang sign:

Another feature you may or may not have noticed on our bike is a brand of wheels that I have smashed several times on this blog(with the notable exception of the 2009 season for some odd reason). However, again for some unexplainable reason, Zipp has totally redeemed itself to me. We’ve been supplied with the new 404 Firecrest rim shape for this season. But for reals, Zipp did something that the whole bike industry should have done long ago: use some computational fluid dynamics to figure out what’s the best rim shape (OMG NO WAAAY). The results are pretty legit, and wheels have performed pretty well in the cross winds so far…I mean I DID win the Colossal Cave Stage Race on the Zipps.

But it still has dimples.
We also received our kits finally which look, I’m going to warn you, pretty sexy.

Yeah I’m pretty dorky, but lets be honest, the only way it could be sexier is if it involved some sort of bear rug:

Unfortunately the whole bear rug wouldn’t interface too well with a bike saddle I don’t think.


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