I’ve Lost My Engineering Skillz!

I’ve apparently completely forgotten how to be an Engineer. In my last post about climbing Haleakela I screwed up the Drag calculation.

The advisor for the Purdue cycling club is a Professor in Physics and happened to stumble accross my blog about calculating power and pointed out the error I made.
I stated earlier that Drag has a square relation to velocity. This is still true, what I forgot to factor is that Drag is a measure of Force and not Power. This is easily solved as one of the methods of calculating power is by multiplying Force and Velocity.
This means that the Drag component of my power requirements do not have a square relation to velocity, but a cubed relationship.
Power(from Drag) ~ velocity^3
Earlier I stated that my Drag would have been 64% of Ryder’s, but with this new relationship it would actually be 50.9%. This further means that my portion of Power to counteract drag would have only been 12.3% of my overall output.
New average Wattage:
224.6 Watts
Thanks Prof. Hirsch

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