It’s Hard to Rest in the Sun

This Monday marked the beginning of my first rest week in sunny Tucson, my last rest week being in South Korea. After only a few days I’m finding it pretty difficult to take it easy when every day is is 70 degrees and sunny. So far I’ve spent my ‘rest’ days either Mountain Biking or hiking in local Tucson Mountain park which is located 5 miles west of our house in Tucson. It’s a little hard to resist, hiking in the south west is no longer just a walk through the woods. Today in 3 hours I parked at a pull-off just past the Gate’s pass decent at about 2900 ft and hiked up what I think is Bren mt. at 3988 ft. There was also a good amount of getting lost as there is a network of trails criss crossing the Tucson Mountain Park. Anyway I eventually navigated myself to the top and had some lunch and took some panoramas:
Looking West out Ajo Hwy toward Kitt Peak.
Back east looking at Tucson, Mt. Lemmon in mid-left

This weekend was not without racing either. I kitted up for a one hour crit up in Phoenix. The Sun Devil crit was a pretty small race with ~20 riders but well run by the ASU cycling/tri club. I missed the winning break but broke away with a Landis rider from the ten man field.
This weekend is the Callville Bay Classic. The race is pretty unique in that every day starts and finishes in Callville Bay, a marina of Lake Mead (reservoir of the Hoover Dam). Even the crit is held within the marina, albeit in a parking lot. It should be a pretty cool race as it’ll draw riders from both Arizona, So-Cal, a few pro guys, and the very interesting Alexi Grewal.

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