So this video’s been passing through Iceman racers like wildfire, mostly because it’s awesome. Mostly consists of on bike footage from Jeremiah Bishop:

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My own Iceman did not go all that hot. I went for the hole shot, which as dirty as that sounds really just means the first one in….the single track. Unfortunately 2 months of no training doesn’t properly prepare one for a 30+ mph MTB sprint.

After about 5 miles of recovering from my early race sprint, I settled into a really good pace (as in not DFL). Things were going great until about the halfway point where the trail got muddier than…well….it was pretty muddy. I started getting all kinds of chain-suck, probably due to the lack of chain lube, and broke my chain with about 12 miles to go. Without a power-link I preceded to run exactly 1.34 miles with my now 40 pound bike, until a very nice racer gave me his power link, and was able to finish the race.
Here’s another vid from earlier in the day to contrast the conditions from 9 am to 2:30 pm (forgive the terrible music)

( Iceman Cometh 2010 from VeloEpic on Vimeo.



  1. Dude, why no love for Baby’s Got Back – rock version, no less? That’s good stuff.

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