I am Champion of the Sunflowers

Yes I in fact am. Last Friday was the Milford Sunflower Classic located in Milford, OH. The course on paper looked really tame, just a standard 6 corner “L” shaped crit with what the flyer described as a “slight” hill. First of all the hill proved way more than slight, second the straight just before the finishing stretch was a 100 meters of roughly 20% descent. It was a little sketchy at first glance, but with only 30 riders in the race it proved to be a really fun race.

It was a pretty local field of riders in attendance. In an effort to get some good training in before Univest I rode my bike to work, then rode from work to the race in Milford taking a slightly indirect route through the very hilly Indian Hill region to the race itself. By the time I got to the race venue I already had over 30 miles on the day.
The race, being a small field on a tough course, was going to do nothing but split up. I watched most the moves, and finally when things started breaking up bridged up to Jeff Pendlebury from Cleveland Clinic and Brad Schaffer of Nuvo. We worked really well together and lapped the field in about a half hour. I attacked through the field, but mostly because the lead moto had nearly caused an accident for the 3rd time and I was trying to catch him to tell him to get way in front of us (apparently a bike with a mechanical motor is faster uphill than a bike with a human motor). Anyway after some hand gesturing by most of the breakaway he got the message (although crashed into a sign on the last lap).
Things were pretty chill in the field until 2 to go when Jeff attacked pretty hard, I was caught in a little of a poor location and honestly mistook him for one of the 5 other RGF riders at first. I followed him just catching him the last lap’s climb. I attacked going into the downhill corners knowing whoever went through those first always had a bit of an advantage. I came out first with a bit of a gap and opened it up for the finish.

As I said I raced with power. I’m learning as I go along that my power numbers are not at all very impressive:

What ever, still won
Anyway on to the VO2 Max Test, which literally took place here:

That’s not me, but replace that treadmill with me, on my bike, hooked up to a trainer, with a giant respirator attached to my head. And a bunch of a little kids staring in at me in the tights.
After a pretty leisurely 15 min warm up it was on to the test, which has to somehow be incorporated into a on-bike workout because it was the hardest thing I’ve done in a while and left my legs ruined for the rest of the day. It started off at 100 watt’s, no biggie.
Then ever minute the resistance would be increased by 25 watts. Since the resistance went up all you had to do was ride the same cadence. After a few minutes I was at 375 wattage, which is apparently a shit load. 400 was the last minute I could complete and I totally blew up at 425. Apparently I topped off at 79.something ml*kg/sec. Most importantly according to this totally random chart I found online I didn’t get girl’d.
I don’t get an official printout of my score until I go back and do a 10 mile TT, so I’m thinking when I get back my test guy will be all like “oh JK I just wanted to make sure you came back you really just had a 40, you better get back to eating more Pizza and PopTarts for your super-taper technique”.


  1. Awesome! You rode right past one of my friend’s parent’s house. And yeah, that part of town goes up and down in a big damn hurry. Next time you’re in that area, ride up Main St. away from the river and take a left on Center St. (after the school at the top of the hill). Then take a left on Miami before Center starts going up, and follow Miami to the right as it becomes Price. Price has a bomb of a downhill with a parabolic section where you almost fly if you’re on the right side of the road, followed by some good climbage. If you stay on it as it becomes Ibold, it’ll take you back downhill, funneling you back towards the bike trail and Indian Hill.

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