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It’s been a hectic week. After getting back from JMSR I had to scramble to pack up a good portion of stuff from my room for the parents to take back and get ready for graduation. Yes, believe it or not, they for some insane reason gave me a diploma.
It was fun seeing my parents and brother again, even though I’ll probably end up moving back in due to lack-o-job. That being said, take notice the lack of job part, so if anyone out there has the power, give me a job!

We had the usual graduation party on Saturday night after everyone from the Bike house was all set and graduated. It was fun, got to finialy party with my bigger than me little brother before waking up the next day for brunch with the parents before they all took off. After they were gone it was back to work, and by work I mean bike racing since I make more bike racing than in legitimate work.
The plan for Joey and me was to ride our bicycles down to Indy for the Eagle Park Contemporary Crit on Sunday, but partly to forgetfulness on my part and mostly to to hung-overed-ness we just decided to drive. It worked out alright, we rolled up late, got registered and lined up with a pretty small local field of 30 guys. Texas Roadhouse and Nuvo were both well represented and constituted a majority of the field. The course itself twisted through some narrow wooded roads, so out of sight was roughly 5 seconds.
Since the course seemed obviously suited for a breakaway, no one let any breakaway go. No group got more than a handful of seconds over the field, and the right combination of riders never seemed to get together. Not having teammates, I was content to follow moves that contained both Nuvo and Texas (which were chased down every time). So it came down to the field sprint, which was very civil compared to the crazed racing I experienced last weekend at Joe Martin. I stayed on John Puffer’s wheel, the sprinter of Texas Roadhouse, expecting him to make a move and get lead out. He opened up his sprint pretty early before the last corner and I was able to tag along before sprinting around his leeward side for the victory.

I was pretty stoked with this since Puffer’s a pretty well established sprinter in the Midwest and I’ve always wanted to see how I stacked up. Plus it’s nice to get a good result after getting your ass handed to you for four straight days.
Speaking of ass handing, I found more media from my southern excursion last week:
Like the most terrible hill ever put into a crit:

Wade testing out the quality of the pavement:
Another painful hill:
Look, if you look really closely there is actually proof that I was in this race:

Another angle of Wade crashing on the corner of doom that about 30 people went down on, also note that the pack takes a full freaking 30 seconds to go by:

So we rode to and from every stage, and on the way back we got some moto pacing work done, just so we could get an extra few hard K’s in after the 110 mile road race:
The start of the worst 9.5 minutes of my life:
Gettin’ prepped and working on blue steel:


  1. Congratulations, Chris! You should be proud of that diploma! Good luck with the job hunt.

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