Elk Grove: Best Race in Elk Grove

Elk Grove, home of the most ridiculously large prize list is a staple of every Mid-West racers calender. I agree with most that the course MIGHT be improved, but you cant deny first the large prize list, lack of Pro’s in the 1/2 category, and great involvement from the people in the Village of Elk Grove.

This race doesn’t suit me particularly well, I’m not one for a lot of accelerations (180 degree turns) or bumping and grinding. That being said my personal races went a lot better than the last years where I missed the break on the first day an finished in the last money spot, and didn’t even place on the second day.
On Saturday Panther was doing a great job of leading out, but I got boxed off the lead out train which disrupted some of the teams plans.
Sunday went a little better. It was difficult to get organized in such a hectic race, but Paul, Ryan and I got together on the last lap and kept it together. But our position out of the last corner didn’t improve much and we finished 6th, 7th, and 8th. At least we had some team unity going across the finish.
Anyway it’s wise to put mediocre performances behind you and move on to the next big thing. Which is the Charlotte Criterium this Saturday. With it’s 1.1 ranking on the NRC calender and $50,000 in prize money for the Pro’s it shouldn’t be too difficult. The winner of the race gets $12,500, so I’ll probably be throwing some 22’s on my Mazda after this weekend is over.

Presbyterian Hospital Criterium from Michael Desmond on Vimeo.

Probably more exciting than me winning $12,000 this weekend, most likely, is the fact that at the end of August I’m going to Hawaii with my family. Specifically to the island of Maui for some serious beach time, swimming, luau-ing, pineapple eating, and riding up the longest climb in the world (I think?) Mt. Haleakala.

The climb starts off in the town of Paia and climbs up over 10,000 feet over 36 miles. There is a yearly race up to the summit Cycle to the Sun which costs a whopping $200! They don’t even let you ride down either while the race is going on. Lame
Or I can just pay $50 and ride down the mountain on a Cruiser bike in a full face helmet. They say there’s a good chance for broken bone, facial injury, or death? Sounds like my kind of ride



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