Easy-ish weekend

Took an easier weekend as far as racing goes. Instead of going up to Chicago for the NCC crits up there I decided to chill in Cincinnati Friday night and race in Huntington WV with the majority of the Panther team Saturday. The McDonalds Tri-State Crit had a decent prize purse for the 1/2’s ($3000) and once there I found out had a really cool atmosphere. The area is an outdoor mall area with a bunch of shops so there were plenty of passerby’s turned spectators. It was a pretty simple 0.8 mile 4 corner crit. A fairly stiff wind on the long finishing straight made things difficult for the first part of the lap. The odd straights were pretty short.

Because of the short distance from 3rd corner through 4th corner to the finish the plan was for a leadout for me, to take the last corner first wheel (if not the second to last corner). So of course this didn’t happen. Not even a quarter of the way in I attacked and brought out two RGF guys and Andy Clarke. Not a bad move but I never really thought it would stick since we were missing any representation from Carbon Racing and Texas Roadhouse.

A Carbon guy bridged up after a few laps and it was looking good, however some in the breakaway wanted him to immediate pull through and gapped him out of the move. His presence would have helped since for the rest of the race we never really got into the comfort zone and never grew our lead over 30 seconds and spent the rest of the race within reach of the field.

Going into the last few laps things were getting slightly tactical. I was feeling good and since both the RGF guys were probably a little better flat out sprinters I should have tried attacking a bit in the last few laps. That was mistake 1, I kept on thinking the field (now only 10 seconds behind us), were going to catch and that sticking together would be better than going it alone. Mistake 2 was waiting for the last corner instead of the second to last. Just like we had talked about Jeremy jumped into the 2nd to last corner.

I was painfully reminded that more often than not sprinting is about going first, especially in a technical finish.

Hopefully this will drive the point home a little better for future bigger races.

I am not shy about the fact that I have totally converted to a Power Dork this year. Thats why it pains me that my QuarQ is currently BROKEN!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, ever since Quad Cities I have done ZERO rides (a lot of heart rate tho).

Thankfully I talked to a very cool guy in South┬áDakota today named Tony who made it sounds like they’d be happy to fix me up.

I’ll keep things posted on the QuarQ warranty process I’d really like to get it in time for the Nature Valley Grand Prix, so I can actually ride in the race.



  1. Hey Chris!
    I saw Joey up at Glencoe last weekend. He mentioned you’re working down in Cincinnati. I’m spending the summer in Dayton, working with the Air Force Research Labs. How’s the riding been out here? We should meet up on the road one of these weekends.

  2. Hey, Chris! I watched the entire race and I was sure you guys would be brought back, but somehow the Texas Roadhouse guys weren’t organized enough to work and get you back. The RGF guys and your teammates on Panther did an excellent job of keeping the front of the race slow.

    BTW, I was the dork who shook your hand at the end and said I followed you on Strava. The McDonald’s crit was pretty awesome. It was my second crit and I took first in the cat 5 with my dad taking second. Pretty cool, I think.

    I’ll be looking to watch you more throughout the season. Keep racing strong and staying smart (i.e. not getting injured) and I’m sure you will be a top class national racer here very soon.
    -Colin Payton

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