Cross and a 29r

Cross race #3 of the year in the bag. Race went well until I flatted halfway through the 2.3 mile course and got passed by nearly everyone, except an Alan Antonuk, who also flatter earlier. I managed to pass enough people to end up back in 4th by the end (out of 10). Can’t complain since I got to race my bike through what is apparently one of the most haunted sites in Michigan.

Looks pretty haunted.
I also got a chance to ride the brand spanking 5 year old 29r I just bought for Iceman coming up in two weekends.

A few things I’ve noticed about the big wheels.
-Wide handlebars are a must, or your arms and shoulders are going to be really freaking tired
-Everyone says that 29r’s roll over bumps making riding easier…this isn’t so noticeable. What is noticeable is the fact that a 29r does NOT slow down. It just keeps on going even with hydraulic disc brakes.
-Riding a 29r is like driving a big boat, through a bog, without a rudder, in a hurricane
-With a 29r you don’t really worry about micro-managing your steering inputs, just point the front wheel and let the bike do the rest, and if the bike wants to run into a tree you damn well better let it.
-29r’s are really slow to get up to speed, there’s good reason why all the skinny world cup XC guys all still ride 26 in wheel bikes
This is only after the first ride with skinny handlebars on a pretty twisty trail (Maybury), so the jury is still out.
In the meantime enjoy this obscure ridiculously catchy and weird song that I’ve successfully lodged into at least two people heads (it’s from the Nike World Cup commercial, but live)


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