So as it is I have a bit of bloggers block going on. And I can’t fall back to the usual race reports because I have not raced in two weeks. Tour of Champaign is this weekend and Superweek also starts today, Derek and I will be heading up to do the first three weekday races in Chicagoland.

I lieu of a sweet blog post, here’s some video’s of the Soviet’s Space Shuttle. And if you ever wonder why the Soviet space program achieved so many things, more efficiently, and faster than NASA these videos give the answer: Russian disco music.

My favorite part is 2:10 of the second video. Our own Space Shuttle, who’s first flights coincided with Regan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (STARWARS), could be used as a first strike weapon. By changing the shuttle’s re-entry trajectory, it could launch Nuclear weapons at Moscow. From time of launch of the weapons it would take roughly three minutes for the bombs to reach Moscow. This time window was too small for detection and response, meaning it could take out the capital before a second retaliatory strike would be ordered. So, there’s a good reason why the Soviets rushed the development of their own space shuttle.


  1. Uh yeah. That’s a good reason. 1988. That would’ve made a good setting for a Rambo sequel. I can see him running out on the tarmac, climbing on board after kicking in the cockpit windows, kicking ass and then piloting the thing back to DC.

    “Now, it’s OVER.”

  2. I only watched the second video but a few comments:
    1. Don’t underestimate the power of Rooskie disco. We’re plugging Hamilton into some of that shit next weekend.
    2. Was that a naked Russian sailor at 0:35!?!?!?
    3. Dude, they nuked the fuck out of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia!!!! Joke’s on them, I guess.

  3. The music explains how it was done so quickly- no one could work slow listening to that.

    And the hastiness would explain why everything looks so jank. Plus they couldn’t even maintain it:
    aww… so sad.

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