New Blog (just to confuse you!)

So I’ve moved my blog, now that I’m working at a company that does website stuff I’m only painfully all too aware how old school awesome my old blog is. So now I got a fancy new URL, sweet new template, so get ready for….THE SAME KIND OF POSTS AS BEFORE.

In summary:sofreshandsoclean

I’ll get to a more in depth update soon but I can say that I’ll be racing bikes again next year for a pro team, now I’m not sure I can say the name yet, but I CAN tell you it rhymes with Bastellas.


UCI Time Trial Regulations

You may or may not have heard of a new set of UCI regulations banning the ‘two-level‘ tri-bar cockpit commonly found on modern time trial bikes. As the Cycling news article states, the goal of the rule is to prevent riders from using their arms in a more aerodynamic way. Here is some of the highly technical jargon and diagrams found in the UCI’s rule book:

If you actually bothered to read the rules and took the time to actually understand what they were talking about in the above picture, I encourage you to find a hobby like knitting. For anyone who is not as technically minded, I have ascertained a top secret document from one of the many UCI technical meetings. It is from a reliable source and shows us just a glimpse into the genius insights and inner workings of the UCI’s “Preventing the Bastardization of the Bicycle” technical Team: