No Pro-Ride for Us,

That’s right there will be none of the hard earned Pro-Ride for me at this year’s Nature Valley Grand Prix…that’s because our entire team got into the event! We even got fancy pants press release.

In other news I’ve been working on our sweet afterburner which now actually looks like something like….oh wait, it’s under export control, so I can’t actually talk about it on a blog since non-US citizens might see it and steal our sweet design which will most likely explode if we ever get to testing…thanks Air Force.
So a few days ago I was also on cycling news and found this little gem of a picture, so is the Felt the fastest bike in the world or not? I’m confused:

Other than that we have the Champaign crit’s this weekend. Should have a small squad of Dan, Ryan and I. Hopefully we’ll be able to show some good racing, take home some dolla dolla bills y’all, and get more of this: