Can we say Goodbye to these Pro Cycling Dopers?

It is unbelievable that we’re still stuttering through the delayed confessions of the “Doping Generation”. What we’re teaching in pro cycling right now is this: Cheat as much as you want, as long as you confess after statute of limitations is over and we’ll forgive you.
Just when we all though we were out of the fog of the USPS team soft confessions, Michael Rasmussen comes out with his book implicating the Canadian Giro winner IMMEDIATELY he comes out and says he cheated…Seriously? He really thought he could just fly under the radar: maybe no one of the dozens of people who knew about it would come out and say he doped. It’s the most forgiving time in recent, anti-doping history, and he still thought: “maybe I’ll get away with it”.

And this guy guy decides to saw his bike in half because he felt so abandoned by the cycling world after he confessed to cheating and lying about it. These guys are not the heroes we feel pride for and want to root for.

Say what you will about Lance being an Ass, but he at least had a constitution to stick to his guns not to run off and snitch on every single person at the slightest hint of doubt. The Lance-scape-goating has gotten so prevalent we can probably go ahead and blame Lance for the NSA, Drones, AND Obamacare #ThanksLance.

I’m sick of the these guys saying: “Lance/Rasmussen/Team Director made me do it”…grow some balls for god’s sake. This is the toughest sport in the world (according to me), don’t abandon your Nads/ovaries as soon as you take off your clicky shoes. At least Lance and George are ponying up and putting money back into the sport by sponsoring Continental teams. 

So all the USPS guys got pushed up against a wall and cried uncle, they got their slap on the wrist (to promote a confession culture) but continue to ride as if nothing ever freaking happened. Or they retire to start an illustrious career earning appearance fee’s on the Fondo/Group-ride circuit. 

I think that this is all silly, cycling is just a sport like any other: complete with cheats and heroes. In the grand scheme of things none of this matters. But I’ve tried my hand at domestic racing (and will continue to) and know how hard it is to scrape by. 

I also know countless other younger WAY more promising guys than myself doing the pro biker thing and it really sucks for them (I’m a crit racer duh). Races go away, teams get smaller, and it’s in no small part because people continue to let these old dopers to influence cycling and take the spots from guys who could be the clean future of cycling.

We all now know that EPO and Testosterone are ACTUALLY the keys to eternal youth, and when I quit competitive cycling I’m going to EPO and LowT myself to the gills, but let these guys go. It’s sickening to see teams still hiring some old big name dude and give these dopers a shot at “redemption”. Regardless of how clean they are now, they used cheating to get to the top level of competition, top level of support, and only benefitted further from being there: the fast get faster and the slow get slower If people want new clean heroes they have to make room for them in the ever shrinking Pro peleton.

I know this is a real world and all these guys know is how to ride bikes. I know it’s a slap in the face of mortality to win a race at 40+ years of age. But for god’s sake, stop buying their books and hiring them and make room for the new guys. 


Straight Dope

So much has happened in the world of competitive Doping in the past few weeks. Mostly the clearing of Alberto Contador. I’m sure everyone has their two cents on the situation and wants to cash in their pennies about contaminated meat. However what would be more impressive if everyone just let it go. There are endless conspiracy theories that could be listed off concerning Contador but the fact of the matter is that Contador was tried in the courts and found innocent. None of us couch-side commentators will know the case as intimation as those who made the decision regarding Contadors future. Ultimately we have to place our faith in the decisions made by the courts and UCI because if we don’t cycling will become an endless rabbit hole of rumors and conspiracies.

Just look at the recent developments of Lance. Not only is the most recent investigation concerned with events that took place over ten years ago, but the whole reason for the renewed interest is because of a now totally irrelevant and discredited rider that everyone seems to want to see the last of (except for apparently the cycling media).
So what should happen? Some say to solve the issue in the sport we should legalize EPO, Blood Doping, amphetamines, bicycle motors, the whole shebang. This idea is completely retarded. I’d say it’s equivalent to strapping rocket engines to NASCAR’s; it slightly violates the the fundamental principals of the sport.
What should happen is that we all should collectively just move on. Contador is innocent, Lance probably doped but it was 12 years ago when everyone else did so let it go, Floyd is now a nobody and should stop getting interviews where he says totally bat shit crazy stuff, and most importantly: we should all get back to watching good clean bike racing. As much as anti-doping champions like Jonathan Vaughters wouldn’t like to tell their sponsors; cheating will always be a part of cycling as with every other sport on the face of the earth. We will never rid the sport completely, so instead of focusing the entire energy of the sport on it, doping should be dealt with in a consistent and concise matter without so much fanfare. Most other sports do just this and as a result don’t have the sort of mass cheating scandals found in cycling.

That’s why above all else I want to see riders like Vinokourov, Basso, and Di Luca succeed. They were all caught, served their punishment, cooperated with the UCI without publicly outing everyone they knew, and have returned to the top tier of the sport. Di Luca even signed with Katusha for no pay until he proved he could succeed without cheating. They’re not dopers, they’re world class riders that were part of a previous generation of cyclists where doping was commonplace. They also didn’t draw out their doping scandal into years of name dropping and supposed childhood drama’s that lead them to cheating.
Some assume that being caught doping is indicative of a rider’s moral fiber and they will never be clean. This plain false. However if a rider that’s been been caught doping returns to the sport and immediately gives himself kidney failure by re-infusing blood he stored in his own refrigerator, he’s probably a bad person…and very dumb.

So can we all just please get back to what we love most, watching riders suffer and ride till their eyeballs pop out all for a chance to obtain glory atop the podium?