Back 2 School…again

It should be easy to tell from my recent lack of blog postings that my ample amount of free time has been reduced. The reason? Yet another year of scholastic adventure. Yes for the fifth time around I returned to Purdue University to stare down the barrel of a gun filled with learning. If you are confused right now, allow me to explain. Most collegiate degrees are meant to be obtained in a mere four years, the last of these four years being your senior year. However, for some truly exemplary students, the University may wish to keep the student an entire extra year and elevate them to the status of “Super” Senior. Being a “Super” senior has quite a few cushy benefits, another year of avoiding the responsibilities of the real world, another year of the Neon Cactus, one more year of collegiate racing, and another year spent in my favorite state of the Union: Indiana! Some of the additional benefits of being a super senior include taking some odd classes to help you graduate. During my sophomore year I took Italian 101. Unknown to me at the time I had to take another Italian class in order for my first Italian class to count towards graduation. However, the first 101 did not go so well, so the prospect of taking another was a dreadful one. Before you start thinking I’m now forced to fake my way through another forign language class by mumbling let me tell you that I found the answer:Italian 330: Italian Cinema (with subtitles!!). So far we’ve watched Cabiria, a silent movie from 1914 that ground along for a whole two and a half hours accompanied by a single piano that would be at home in a Vaudeville theater.

The entire year will not be devoted to odd GenEd classes. I will also be taking actual Aerospace Engineering classes also. One year long class involves designing a thrust augmentor (afterburner) for model airplane turbojet engine:
As far as bicycle racing has been going two weekends ago was the Marion NRC classic, which sucked for me. Ten turns in 0.8 miles ain’t quite my style of racing, but it suited Ryan and Derek just fine, both of who finished in the money. The next day went slightly better, Panther missed the race winning breakaway, but I got into a late move with MWCCC alumni Phil Mooney, and stayed away for 6th place.

Last weekend however there were no races, except for one way up north in Michigan. But we had a better idea. Instead of driving 12 hours for racing, we decided to throw Derek a going away party. That was a lot of fun and Derek left for Korea on Sunday. Next weekend I’ll be going back up into Michigan for a Labor Day filled with some good racing.

Check out this video that somehow ended up on our Panther Website:
(it really speaks to my feelings)

Also, check out the exciting finish to Tuesday’s Vuelta a Espana stage. Go to 0:50 to see what happens when 100 riders all lock it up on wet pavement.



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