There were no bike races this past weekend, so I officially made $0 in the last week. So I’m officially unemployed, looking for work and having none. How have I come to join the ranks of thousands of auto workers? The simple answer is neglect, the compacted answer is thus: I assumed that I would have a certain job when school got out for the summer, and having a heavy course load furthered my motivation to hedge all my bets on an unsure proposition. It didn’t work out. So now that I am perusing the wonderful wonderful sites such as craigslist.com wondering how bad it could really be to take care of an 89 year old person, I am realizing that finding a worthwhile job does unfortunately require some sort of forethought. 

On top of that I failed my Spacecraft Dynamics class AAE 440. If you know this class, and you know Mrs. Howell and her ‘I’m not going to give you a decent book and just give you half blank notes’ teaching method, you might just understand and hold some sympathy in your heart for me. Since I failed the class, I will now not be able to graduate in just one semester. I suppose I could suck it up and risk failing another class by adding an additional class to my current work load, but if I failed another class I’d still be graduating next spring. I always have thought that college has been the best time of my life and I’ve learnt the most from being there, but somehow the prospect of spending a whole additional year waiting around for my undergraduate degree doesn’t make me want to go out and jump with joy. I’m really ready to be done, I need to do something different, and I need to not be living in Lafayette, IN. You know start a new chapter or something cheesey like that.
I came home to Northville this weeknd to see my brother graduate and win a district highschool baseball tournament. The graduation ceremony was as all Highschool Graduations are, the principal told the class how special they are and how they have the potential to change the world, Mr. Rumbell (the HS band director) looked like he was having great time conducting ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ for the thousandth time, and the class president gave the absolutely most cliche speach I’ve heard in my life. As I was half dozing to “Our class can change the world…” and “I know you have all touched me in some way and I hope I have done the same to you…” I was trying to think how I could inspire myself to reach for the stars, and land on pluto or something. Well…I couldn’t inspire myself, however if you can be inspired by graduation speeches and motivational posters consider yourself either very lucky or seek help immediately. Despite my lack of inspiration summer marches on to Fall semester (or more importantly deadline for Summer Semester registration) and I still don’t have a job, and 100% of good internship prospects were gone in March. So next week begins my regression into seeking jobs I have already had or thought I’ve moved on from to simply give me something to do for the summer, I’m not quite a P-R-O cyclist just yet.


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