100th Blog Post!!

In honor of my 100th Blog Posting, I’ve made a ‘list’ of Signs You’ve Been a Bike Racer Too Long. Is it cheesy? Yes Cliche? Yes Is having a Blog that is only about your own bike racing on this list? Yup
So this is what a weekend of no racing produces
Congrats to Paul and the rest of the Panther guys on 2nd at the Downers Elite Race
-You have a blog about Bike Racing

-You consider a race two hours away ‘close’

-You’re an avid cyclist but refuse to use a bike rack unless you’re traveling to a race with five people in a car
-You’ve given up trying to justify the shaved legs, and admit you like it
-You’ve forced yourself to watch Sports Center because most people don’t care that Armstrong will miss the Tour of Missouri
-Most of your towels and washcloths are from Motel 6
-You know Motel 6 doesn’t usually have continental breakfast so you don’t stay there anymore
-Sure you have lots of friends, and they all live at least 200 miles away
-You own and use Bag Balm…and not on your Cows
-Your significant other knows more about bike racing than any Cat 5, Cat 4, and some Cat 3’s
-You’ve conned your significant other into racing
-You think Gel’s are delicious
-You’ve memorized Subway’s menu
-You never ever use your vacation days in the winter
-You only work in the winter
-You know the streets around your house like the back of your hand, but become insecure when driving without your GPS
-You race Masters
-You think all of these are perfectly normal


  1. “You race Masters”

    Remember…if any one of us start racing Masters the others will hold a swift intervention to put an end to that nonsense.

    And yesterday I totally went “Well, it’s only 2 hours and change- that’s pretty close!” Well played, sir.

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